Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Alive and kicking...

Meccano keeps us busy
I bet you thought I had given up with this workshop blog. Well, that is half true as I now have a couple of other blogs that I maintain. By far the most popular is the Meccano blog. This does keep me busy and, since summer 2013 when Spin Master acquired the brand, there has been a lot to say. I won't go into all that here as you can read all that over on our Meccano News Blog.

Say hello to Tim!
My other blog is about me and my brother (Tim) having a go at a spot of fishing - well attempting to! You can see how we got/get on at How To Drown Maggots.

The workshop has taken a back seat over the past year or so as Meccano has taken over a good part of our life. Since the change of ownership we have been busy talking and working with the new owners to promote the brand and get involved in the design of new products in what is now known as 'classic' Meccano. As I said before, if you want to know about that, then go and take a look at the Meccano blog, there are thousands of words and lots of pictures to keep you busy for a while.